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Should I buy a foreclosure or build a house?

Should I buy a foreclosure or build a house? Investing your income is always fruitful and especially if you safeguard your investment in buying a home for your family will give you countless happiness. There is a definite surplus credit is added every day to the property and gives mind satisfaction, even if you are…

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Important lessons for younger children about finance or money

It’s a big surprise and we are not taught in schools about what is financial planning and personal financial management. At this present scenario, parents should take steps to teach their children regarding financial management. Beth Kobliner is the famous author of New York Best Seller “Get a financial life” and creator of “Money as…

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What are the steps involved when selling property in India?

Both Buying and selling businesses are nerve wrecking processes and lots of risks are involved in case of both residential and commercial properties. No one wants to end up his property-sale in lose and selling a property to the right price and person is quite challenging too. However you need reasonable time to the deal,…

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How does buying a home in foreclosure work?

Buying a residential property is not an easy joke as per current scenario, it becomes dreams of many in India, yet people are afraid of taking their first step in this process, since many expenses are involved in. We need lump sum amounts of money even to start with. Even if we are financially stable,…

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What is the step by step process for buying property in India?

Buying a property in India is the safest way to flourish your investment. Herein India, people are attached with their home and buying for their own gives them emotional values. Buying flats is a dream of many here and they crave abodes to aspire for the living purposes. Here are some valuable tips for those…

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Where can I find the newest foreclosure property in India?

A 60 days notice to the borrower is given by the lender, if there is a fail in paying three consecutive EMIs. After an objection raised by the lender, properties of the respective borrower will be seized and processes start for the auction by the concerned financial institution. When there is no objection from the…

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