What are the steps involved when selling property in India?

What are the steps involved when selling property in India?

What are the steps involved when selling property in India?


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Both Buying and selling businesses are nerve wrecking processes and lots of risks are involved in case of both residential and commercial properties. No one wants to end up his property-sale in lose and selling a property to the right price and person is quite challenging too. However you need reasonable time to the deal, here are few values for anyone those who are planning to sell his property in India.

  • Understand that there are several factors which will determine the price to a property, primarily location, property type and profile of the buyers will cause best prices to the property. It’s fair, if you prepare a report based on analysis of other comparable property sellers and competitive prices to the same property and with that report you could bring to the conclusion. Try to find out advantages of your own property which will enlighten the property with its unique features, you will be qualified to quote the high price by doing so.Aware the recent trends of market: It’s the most important thing to know all about recent trends when you go for property sale. Imagine if you have done your sale of property at lowest price, it will be bothersome to you throughout your lifetime.
  • Fix the exact price: Go with the right quote can attract buyers in buying yours. If you find buyers are interested in your property, don’t increase the price suddenly. There is no need to go for less price, if your property is little old. Old properties with minor repair and renovation can go for best prices to the market.
  • No more rushing in sale: Residential and commercial properties sale is time demanding chore. Even if you are hardly seeking money, you should not show it to the buyer which can be the reason for them to quote the low price.
  • Have clear specs: Buyers are clear about what they want. To save your time, it’s essential to publish the specifications when you go for online and offline ads. Most of the IT freaks prefer 2bhk, since it will go for resale comparatively 3bhk is wanted by the specific people. 2bhk houses are preferable even for the rental purposes in metro cities. If you go with clear proportions and specifications, there are definite chances for immediate buyers.
  • Go for ads: Use mediums wisely and go for both offline and online resources to post your property for sale. Some real estate websites are doing this business wisely and there are separate portals for residential and commercial properties. Bank owned properties are also displayed for sale. It is safe and trending in current decade. Bank selling auction is conducted professionally without risks and same like that few traditional agents are also shining in this field. When you search on net, you can avail lots of information including contact details.

Social networking sites are also helpful, if you prefer posting your property online and through this medium, you can achieve targeted audience. It will show that you are genuine seller by posting complete details of the property including interior and exterior pictures of the property, description in nutshell clear which will bring genuine buyers and end up the business in short span of time. Since everyone is strong in technology, it’s very easy to explore the property by its unique features which is beneficial thing to both buyers and sellers
Research before the business!
You definitely need someone to assist when you go with traditional method of selling, yet research is must before you pick an agent. On the negative side, scammers are everywhere so depending brokers entirely is actually a foolish thing.
Set documents ready!
Potential buyers will inspect you before buying property and it’s important to be lined up with photo copies of several original documents and mostly in India, few are must given below:

  • Allotment letter is the primary thing to get from the relevant authority
  • Sale deed is the must document traces the ownership of the property and it’s necessary to have the complete set of documents including the past owners
  • Approval plans and occupation certificate given by the concerned authority is must to verify
  • EC – Encumbrance Certificate is to indicate the free title in transactions of the property can spot out legal dues, if any
  • Sale agreement is the final and important step to declare ownership of the buyer. Once all set done and after all verification’s from both buyer and seller sides, a non judicial stamp paper with particulars will be executed in favour of buyers in the registration office and both buyers and sellers should sign on it by agreeing all the terms and conditions said in that.

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